Mar 29, 2012

I Have A Button

I took some big, big steps in blogging today. 

I added a button. 

Yes, that's right, a button. (Cue the dramatic music.)

Turtles and Tails

I know you're all just dying to add my button to your blog so that you and others can link directly here whenever you want. I can see it in your eyes.  No really, I can.  Don't look away, it's still there.

So yes, please, do add my button (grab the code above or over on the right) so that all of your readers will know about little ol' me. 

Now that I've mastered this I'll be looking around to add your buttons to my blog too.  I read so many of your blogs every day and I want to be able to find you quickly.  Not to mention letting my readers discover you!



Anonymous said...

hi there - re your " arco post" on the 18 /03 please pm and i will get back to you this is a second hand one

a little of me said...

nice post looking for to visit more thanks for sharing blessings...

janean@ said...

Hi I awarded you the liebster award! You can read about it here...
Thanks for all your hard work! Keep blogging!
xoxo Janean

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