Feb 10, 2012

Where have you been?

Don't you hate when real life gets in the way of your crafting-decorating-blogging? I've got projects and plans piling up all around me. It's month-end close at work and that means staying late - at least a few days a week.  Add to that the three-part Photoshop lessons Tom gave me for Christmas, and I haven't been spending much time at home these days.

The Photoshop classes were fun (and I learned a lot).  I was absolutely terrified to go though.  I hate not being good at something in front of other people.  Ridiculous, I know.  How else am I going to learn?  The instructor was great and I was the only one who took all three classes in a row so I'm sure I was his favourite. Winking smile

The classes were held at Henry's, a Canadian camera store, and I'd recommend them to anyone.  We touched on a little bit of everything that Photoshop Elements can do.  Can't say I'm an expert now, but armed with my notes, I'm hoping my pictures get better. It helped that I've spent so much time working with Picasa and Picnik.

In my spare minutes I've been painting the baseboards and trim in the living room/dining room.  Semi-gloss white straight-out-the-can. One more coat on the second half of the room and it'll be ready to load in.  And then maybe I'll have something to show you!  Thanks for your patience - we're getting there.

This weekend I'll be making something fun for Valentine's Day. I'll share the pictures (edited using my fancy new skills of course) as soon as it's done.  Think sweet, salty, & pink! (And if you're thinking dirty thoughts just stop it.)

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