Sep 16, 2011

Birthday Girl

Guess who turned SIX years old yesterday?  Well, Miss Chloepants of course. In our house we like to make a big deal of the dogs' birthdays because they get so excited and wound up and they have no idea why. 

Here is the guest of honour waiting for the festivities to begin. So excited, right?

Our number one rule? 

Birthdays have to have cake. Presents? Doesn't matter.  Party? Doesn't matter. Singing? Doesn't matter. There just better be cake. 

For Sasha's birthday last year Tom called me at work and told me Sasha wanted a "meat cake". What the heck is a meat cake? I wandered around the grocery store looking for inspiration. Until I arrived in the canned meat aisle. Flakes of Ham. Perfect meat cake. 

And now it's become a tradition. One can of flakes of ham (unflaked) with a candle stuck in it. Served on a plate, ready for sharing. 

Yes it looks disgusting.  But to a dog it looks like heaven. Unfortunately I don't have any stills of Chloe with her meat cake. I wanted to make sure we got some video this year. As I was filming her first impression... she ate the whole thing in one bite. Two (non-opposable) thumbs up from Chloe!

Sasha looked so confused. She had been waiting ever so patiently for her turn. But payback's a b*tch, Sasha-baby, because you did the exact same thing to Chloe last year. Honestly, you'd think we'd learn not to hold it so low. 

So I had to rebuild the cake with what we had - cheese slices & Breath Buster dog biscuits. Just so I could have pictures. The first time, so overcome with the smell of processed meat products, Chloe shoved her nose right into the candle flame (it was funny, in a don't-call-the-SPCA-on-me way), but she was a little more hesitant when it was only cookies and fake cheese. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to come in for some close-ups. I love the disgusted look she gives the sulphur fumes when the candle was blown out.

Sasha was sure she was getting some this time. Look at the well-behaved puppy. As if it's no big deal and she acts this way all the time.

And then, just for fun, we tossed the cookies (heh-heh, tossed the cookies) and cheese to Chloe one piece at a time. 

The girl has mad skillz. When cheese is involved anyway. Anything else and she's more likely to let it bounce off her face. Just in case. 

She calls it a discerning palate. I call it being a food snob.


Olga@Stardust-Decor & Style said...

Hahaha.. so much fun! I've done something similar with my dog's birthday! We even had a birthday cake that we ate! LOL!

BarbSteadman said...

Gotta show them they're important, right?

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