Oct 6, 2011

Fall Decor - Mason Jar Foliage Candles

I've never really decorated for fall before. Yes, I usually do the whole Halloween thing (and quite well thankyouverymuch), but never just for fall.
mason jar fall foliage flameless candle

I saw some mason jar leaf candles here and I knew not only that I could do it, but that I had everything I needed already. Free craft! I gathered all of my materials to see what I had to work with. Artificial leaves. Check. Flameless tealights. Check. An abundance of jars. Checkity-check.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

First I tried applying the leaves to the inside of the glass with mod podge, thinking it would dry clear. Not so much.
mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

Fail. Big Fail.

But luckily they came off easily and the glue washed right out. For the second try I used my glue gun. I’m not going to tell you how many glue burns I suffered by shoving a hot-glue-covered leaf into a narrow-mouthed jar. Let’s just say it was more than one.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

This time the result looked more like a candle and less like “your spaghetti sauce is growing mold, you might want to throw that out”.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

I dug out my beloved twine and some old potpourri (from a long ago Thanksgiving centerpiece) and fancied up the rims. It was a little annoying getting the tealights in and out, but easier (and safer) than using real candles.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

Ready to go. But then I thought, what about smaller candles? There is a candle that I absolutely adore – cinnamon pecan swirl by Candle-Lite. 

Oh my gosh, it smells so good. There is only one store in my town that carries them so I stock up when I can. I have a shelf in the linen closet full of them. But in my defense the closet smells really good. Like crawl-inside-and-take-a-nap good.

I always keep the jars after the candle is done. You never know when they might come in handy. (Like right now!) And they were the perfect height for this project.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

Just a few leaves, some twine and "fluff", and I had a lamp that was far easier to get the candle into and out of. I'm kind of crushing on the proportions of the little guy.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

I could stare at them all night.

mason jar flameless candles for fall

mason jar flameless candles for fall

What do you think? Suitably fall-ish? Something you’d want to try yourself? How would you tweak it?

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Amanda Hill said...

I am so thrilled I just found your blog! It's full of amazing work...just became your newest follower and I am so excited to come back for more!

Barb said...

Thanks Amanda. I have so many ideas, I can't wait to share them.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I'm going to try this myself :-)

4Eighteen said...

This turned out great! Sorry Amanda, you're no longer Barb's newest follower, we've taken on that title for ourselves. ; )

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

So beautiful! I love this idea..thank you for showing us what not to do as well :)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Persistence paid off- they turned out beautiful!!

(I would've thought to modge podge too....who knew?)

Tina said...

These look so gorgeous - I think it is not too late yet to make some for our home

Kerri said...

I'm wondering, would spray adhesive work? A little on the jar, a little on the leaf?

Debbie said...

Love the idea, but 1 question. Was the end result hot glue the leaves on the inside of the jar?

BarbSteadman said...

Yes, just a little bit of hot glue here and there.

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