Oct 9, 2011


Look who came to visit us today.

At first this little guy was sitting on our fence enjoying his snack.
I had a perfect view through the patio door. 
But by the time I ran upstairs to get my camera, changed to
the zoom lens, and ran back down, he was gone. 
So I ran back upstairs to take pictures of him in the neighbour’s
backyard from our bedroom window (hence the blurriness).

Cute, hunh?

He just ran around all over the place dragging his treat with him. 

I think it’s fascinating how his fur is grey and brown,
blending in with the dirt and weeds perfectly.
Think he was born that way or he’s just an old squirrel?
(By the way, this isn’t a commentary on my neighbour’s back yard;
they just cut down a huge tree that was blocking all of the sunlight
and keeping grass from growing).

But then he climbed back up on our fence! 
So I ran downstairs again.  I was afraid to get too close
so I just took the pictures through the window from across the room.  

I think he might have been waiting for me. 
Look at the little show-off. 

Have you ever seen a squirrel lie like that?

And he looks a little evil in this one.  
Check out that smirk.
That's a squirrel who's plotting something.

Suddenly he had an itch that had to be scratched.  Right. Now.

Now a little to the left. Ahhhh, that's it.

Some more posing.

And then he was off to new adventures in other backyards.

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