Dec 23, 2011

Of Course It's the Elves!

Today's Conversation:

(Scene: I'm on my hands and knees emptying out the garbage
in my craft room.  Tom walks in, freshly showered.)

Tom: Do I smell good?

Me: (without looking up) Yep.

Tom: Do you know why?

Me: Because you showered.

Tom: But do you know why else?

Me: I don't care if you've pooped.

Tom: Look.

And he hands me his stick of deodorant. 
It's a new one that he just opened today.

Who comes up with these things? 
I hope they have a mountain of awards piled up in the corner
of their livingroom, 'cause this would make me buy it.
No questions asked.

1 comment:

BKWilliams said...

Too funny! This made me laugh.

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