Mar 6, 2012

Eggs Benedict

There is a little diner we go to almost every Saturday morning called Tom's Restaurant.  It's a tiny little place in an industrial area of town, but the food is good, the prices aren't bad, and the staff members are always friendly.

Tom (my Tom) tried the Eggs Benedict one week and got hooked.  It's all he'll order now.  And he talks about it a lot.  So yesterday he decided that he was going to make Eggs Benedict for dinner.  This makes me laugh because neither one of us really likes eggs.  I can handle scrambled, but poached eggs?  The thought kind of gives me the shivers. 

But I came home last night and he had all 4 burners going and english muffins in the toaster.  Having never made it before, I think the hardest part for him was estimating the timing for each part.  And he's not exactly used to someone hovering over him with a camera while he cooks.  We ended up having everything ready (yes, I lent a hand) and were still waiting for the hollandaise sauce.

He fried up some sliced potatoes,

Got the peameal bacon going,

He even put each egg into a big spoon so that he could slide it into the boiling water.  Can you tell he did some research?

I realized that you can't take an appetizing picture of an egg poaching.  This is as soon as it went into the water.  You don't want to to see later.

He didn't want to make hollandaise from scratch (or let me make it), so he just bought a package that you add butter to.  Unfortunately he missed the part about bringing it to a boil, so that's why there was a delay. 

He layered a toasted english muffin with a slice of peameal bacon, a poached egg, and then the hollandaise sauce.  Homefries on the side.  The diner serves orange slices with theirs - where are my orange slices?

Tell me your arteries aren't hardening just looking at the butter in that sauce.

The eggs ended up being a bit overcooked, but otherwise it was okay. 
I'd give it a solid six out of ten.

Not bad for a first try.

I'm even willing to let him make them again.


Tracey said...

My poached eggs always came out looking not so pretty until I bought these little cuties:

I bought mine at a specialty kitchen store and paid a lot more than this - but it was worth every penny! ( I really need to get more than the 2 I have to make it more convenient when cooking for more people.)  I just wipe the inside of the cup with a little olive oil, run a spatula around the edge of the egg when it is done, and out comes the perfect poached egg.

Mindy said...

These sound so yummy!!!  You did an awesome job on those.  I don't think I could poach my eggs very well:-/

Tracey said...

After posting I noticed that you live in Canada.  They are also available at for an even lower price!

BarbSteadman said...

That's very cool!

BarbSteadman said...


BarbSteadman said...

Well, Tom gets all the credit. I did boss him around a bit though! :-)

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