Apr 4, 2012

My Kind of Yard Sale

My office is merging with another office across the city in June, so our photo studio has spent the last month sorting out rooms and rooms of props - keep, sell, trash.  I mentioned before about the yard sales they hold and some of the amazing deals you can get. 

Because there was so much to get rid of this time, they held several sales over the course of two weeks.  I was on vacation for the first week so I missed out on some things, but I did manage to grab some bargains when I got back.  And because the girl managing it was so tired of the whole thing by then, I paid less than I probably would have at the beginning.

First I found this crate.  It's about 18x12x12 inches. The wood is so smooth, and look how well the corners are reinforced.  Original cost - $16.99.  My price - free.  I would have paid full price for it.

Then there was this jug/vase/planter.  It is heavy clay and  a pretty good size.  There are a couple of chips around the mouth, but for me that just adds to the look. I don't know the original price but I paid 50 cents for it.

This tin with lid was also 50 cents.  Regular price $9.99.  It has a "15" painted on one side that I don't really like, but I'm pretty sure I can remove it or paint over it.

Here are my three little bargains playing nicely together. 
At least someone in this house behaves. 

So if you're keeping track that's $1.00 for all three items. 
Sounds good right?
Hold on to your hat.

At the final sale I bought this white bench for the whopping low price of two dollars. 

No one wanted it because the top doesn't open so you can't use it for storage.  I just want to use it for a bench on the back deck. There is never enough seating.  Plus I think the top could be removed and hinges added if I really wanted to turn it into storage. 

It needs some TLC but nothing too extensive.  Just some wood filler and paint. And the front panels are covered in a linen/dropcloth-type material.  Be still my heart.

Right now it's sitting in the front window upstairs and Sasha appreciates 
how much easier it is to spy on the neighbourhood.

Maybe I should be nice and sew a cushion for her.

Maybe she should stop being so nosy.


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