Jun 19, 2012

Next On the List? Bathroom!

Now that the backyard bar and the seating area are done, we can move on to other things on our list. Though there was a storm today and I came home to find the patio umbrella almost on its side, and cushions all over the place, not to mention I have no idea where the flowers that were on top of the bar went to. They're probably in a neighbour's yard.

This is our "to-do" list. It's pretty long and not much has been crossed off. We started off double-spacing and then had to start filling in those spaces when we realized there was so much we wanted to do.

But having this list keeps us focused, and when we have a couple of free hours we can look at it and find something small to do (or something larger to start on).

We've decided on my bathroom as the next project. It probably could have been put off a bit longer, but then I started some renovations on my own. It's "my bathroom" because that's where I get ready for work in the morning. I shower in the ensuite (dubbed "Tom's bathroom") and then go to my bathroom to finish getting ready.

This is the bathroom decorated by the previous owners. It was their daughters' bathroom so we can't fault them for making it fun and whimsical.

But once the shower curtain was gone it lost its whimsy. I should mention, I really dislike turquoise. Some people adore it - the colour and the stone - but I'm not one of those people. Somehow I've lived with it for 3+ years though. The problem was that I didn't know exactly what colour I wanted. I love the grey tile, but I hate the blue countertop. I didn't want the walls to be a pale colour like white or grey, but since there's no window you can't go too dark either. A conundrum.

I also wanted to replace the medicine cabinet with something made of wood, larger, and that looked a smidge weathered. Probably more than a smidge. I also need a place to hang my "tools", i.e. the hairdryer, flat iron, and two curling irons. Right now they hang on the door knob and it's annoying when you try to close the door.

Then we had a yard sale. I thought it'd be the perfect time to get rid of the white medicine cabinet. So I ripped that sucker off the wall.

Okay, that's an exaggeration, I actually used the cordless screwdriver to remove the screws properly, but I wasn't too concerned about what happened to the wall. Aaaand we were left with this.

Since I now have nowhere to put anything, my bathroom is looking like I live in a dorm. (And to anyone who can't handle the open toilet lid - oh well, too bad for you.)

I should also mention that we had a roof leak last year that did some damage to the ceiling above the shower. Luckily it was just some vent flashing that wasn't attached properly so we didn't have to replace the roof.

We just decided to sand and spackle the area rather than cutting out and replacing the drywall. Since we never use that shower, it should have plenty of time to cure (yes, I will repaint the ceiling).

We're going to replace the welded on towel rack and toilet paper holder so Tom took the pry bar to it.

And now we have this. More spackling.

I've been spackling and sanding the last two days and I think we're just about ready to paint. Oh, I didn't mention the paint! I spent 20 minutes at Home Depot driving Tom crazy trying to decide on a colour. His solution was to take the tile colour and the counter colour to Benjamin Moore and let the lady decide for us like we did last time.

Then we were at Rona (Canada's version of Home Depot) and I found a gallon of oops paint for $10. It's that taupe-y colour that I'm always drawn to. I figure for 10 bucks, why not?

If I don't like it I'll just paint over it.

So here we are, all ready to go. I'm going to paint the ceiling and trim tomorrow night and then hopefully I can get the walls done on Saturday.

Look out list, I'm coming for ya!


The Witch's Kitchen said...

I have a list like that in my head.  I really should write the stuff down but I'm afraid I'd need a whole notebook to get everything down!

BarbSteadman said...

I know what you mean - it`s scary!

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