Jan 21, 2013

Another Pina Colada?

We're in Cuba this week. The temperature is supposed to be in the high twenties (that's around 80 degrees for you farenheit folks). I can hardly wait. Especially since they say it's going to be far below freezing in Ontario all next week.

We're going back to the Sol Cayo Guillermo again - the same resort we stayed at last year. We've never stayed at the same place twice, but this one was pretty nice. Definitely worth a second trip. The resort is laid out in one and two storey buildings with every room facing the ocean, so everyone has a great view.

The plan this time is to just hang out on the beach or by the pool, and to do some horseback riding. The trail leads along a lazy creek and then down past the other hotels in the area. It's such a relaxing and beautiful ride. I've ridden in other places where they're on a tight schedule and make you keep the horses trotting, but not here - this is all about taking your time and letting the horse lead you.

And to top it off we'll be going to the most gorgeous beach in Cuba - Playa Pilar. Miles of sand. And can you believe the colour of the water?

The water is fairly shallow so it's a comfortable swimming area - no big waves - we even did some snorkeling last time. I think I saw a fish but Tom doesn't believe me.

Hope you're having a great time wherever you are, and we'll see you in a week!

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