Aug 20, 2013

Bye-Bye, Burgundy - Painting the Front Room

We dove right in and painted the front room this weekend. This is the last room that still has the previous owners' colour scheme. Except for the basement. And the master bath - but that's going to be a complete gut job.

We aren't finished with the room yet, but I'm so slow at getting projects done and writing about them that I wanted to give you an update. I don't want you to think I've just been lazing around in my backyard hammock all summer. Though if it had rained less this year I might have been.

But back to the painting. This front room is difficult to describe. It's not a bedroom because it doesn't have a closet. It's upstairs so it's not really a living room. The builder's floor plan called it "the learning centre". That sounds creepy. We call it "the computer room". Because it has a computer in it. Geniuses, I tell you.

As you can see the room was a really dark burgundy. It's a colour we loved - in fact the living room in our old house was that colour for a few years - but we've grown out of it. We're more about calm, restful shades now. And we were never into that sun and moon border at the top. Way to make the room even darker!

The redeeming factor is the huge bay window that faces south. This room gets so much light. And if I let you look closely you would see the nose art gallery on the windows, because the dogs spend all their time there - spying on the neighbours. My dogs know your secrets.

The one wall has looked like this for two (three?) months. We were having a tough time because we wanted something that wasn't too green, too grey, too washed out. We've made each of those mistakes before. I let Tom decide since he spends the most time there. He chose Benjamin Moore's Nimbus Gray. It's really a blue with grey undertones.

I don't have many pictures of the new colour on the walls as we haven't put the room back together yet. Just what I grabbed with my phone. Sasha snuck in while I was painting the door - I'm pretty sure she thinks I don't know she's there.

This one shows off the colour the best. And with the new white trim. Isn't white trim just the greatest thing? Tom recommended we keep the couch in front of the window when we're done - so that we can be comfortable while we spy. Unfortunately it also makes us a little obvious. Less like spies, more like gawkers.

I can't wait to get the bookcases put back up - the contrast between the dark wood and the light blue is going to be gorgeous. I'm going to bring in some more white and tan to tie the furniture and walls together, and then I'll need an accent colour to give it some life. I'm really favouring orange this year - what do you think?

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