Nov 27, 2013

This and That

I've really been slacking off lately. Is it the weather? This is what our place looked like on Saturday night. Brrr!

So there's been a whole lot of this going on.

I took a few minutes and sewed up a quick toy for Chloe. As you can see, she's not that particular - as long as she can hold it, she's happy. This is her happy.

We did get the basement painted - including the doors! - but I want to wait to show it when I have the decorating done. That's at a bit of a standstill thanks to slow shipping from Best Buy. And to me being stuck late at work when I just want to be home sewing pillows and hanging art.

 The colour is called Gossamer Blue (Benjamin Moore).

I got caught up on Friday Night Lights. Yeah, I'm a few years behind. But I loved it.

So did Sasha. 

And of course there's been some cooking.
Stuffed peppers, cornbread, and Asian chicken salad.
Not all on the same day.

And that's about it. I'm looking forward to the weekend where I have no plans to be anywhere. Except in my house. In my jammies. Sewing pillows and hanging art.

I hope all of my American readers are having a fantastic Thanksgiving, and this one's for you:

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