Dec 9, 2013

Birthday/Christmas Tree

I know I've mentioned before that my mother-in-law is very sick. She's stuck in bed most of the time with not much to look at. Since she's not going to be able to decorate her house the way she normally would this year, we decided to liven up her bedroom a bit so she can still have Christmas around her and not feel so isolated.

We bought a potted Norfolk pine and some tiny, little ornaments to make a tree for her room. It's also her birthday today, so we dubbed it the Birthday/Christmas tree.

Once all the ornaments were on I thought it was still a little bare. I'd bought some garland, but it was too heavy for the branches (poor little thing was slumping), so I scoured the house looking for something else to use. It's not so easy to get crafty when it's someone else's house. But I found some tan coloured fabric that she didn't want, roughly cut long, thin strips, and tied them into bows. I was stumped on how I was going to attach them though. I wanted them to sit on the branch as if they'd been tied there, not dangle like an ornament.

I couldn't find twist ties, twine, or even staples. Tom thought there might be a glue gun in the workshop so I sent him off to find it. There was one - still in the package - so Christmas was saved! Okay, that's overly-dramatic, but I did get the bows attached and they aren't likely to fall off.

I found a cleaning cloth that look appropriately "country" and wrapped it around the pot as a tree skirt.

I'm liking this little guy. Kind of want one for myself now.

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