Jan 29, 2014

Watercolour Photos

I became an artist today. A watercolour artist. It only took a few minutes and $1.99. A pretty good deal, wasn't it? 

Or ma-a-a-a-ybe I just bought a new app called Waterlogue that lets you turn any photo into a watercolour painting.

I am flat out addicted to this app. So much so that I wore out my phone battery today playing with it. It's so simple to use - there are about 12 different styles, different sizes, frames/no frames, etc. I know this sounds like an infomercial, but honestly, I paid for it myself, and they don't even know I exist.

How about a sample before and after? This is a photo of an ice-covered tree in our yard taken during the ice storm just before Christmas. The original photo:

And the Waterlogue painted version:

So pretty, isn't it? That is something I would print. I especially love the light blues and bright shades of orange that are so much more visible than in the photo.

Here's our kitchen post-makeover:

And painted:

Of course I had to do some pictures of the dogs. (I did about three each, but I'll only make you look at one.)

I just couldn't stop. I mean, who doesn't need a watercolour of downtown Houston?

Or a palm tree?

Or The Alamo at night? In this one I really love how the people turned out. I think the guy in the right foreground is checking his phone. :-)

And that was my first day with Waterlogue. I can't wait to go through my vacation/nature pictures and perhaps make something worth framing.

Have you tried out Waterlogue? What would you "paint"?

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