Feb 15, 2014

Please Mr. Postman (Valentine's Gifts)

I had a little fun making up care packages for some of my favourite girls this Valentine's Day - those girls being my cousin, my aunt, & my sister.

The whole idea was built around this stuff - Speculoos Cookinotti Cookie Butter. Have you tried it? It has the consistency of peanut butter, but it's cookie butter. COOKIE BUTTER. Such beautiful words. I can't even describe it - it's like a gingerbread cookie, ground up and made spreadable. Just heaven.

You can put it on a bagel, on ice cream, even make a sandwich with it. Here is a cute article showing 12 ways to eat cookie butter. I like to spread it on crackers. So I bought each of my girls a jar of cookie butter, a box of crackers, and some chocolate hearts - because everyone needs chocolate on Valentine's Day.

I bought some mailing boxes from the post office - a little too big, but that's all they had. And who doesn't like receiving a huge ol' parcel in the mail? I filled in the empty spots with purple tissue paper, tossed some chocolate around, and added a card. I designed the card using Picmonkey and printed it out on cardstock.

And off they went in the mail. Here's hoping they got there on time!

What did you do for Valentine's Day? I had lunch with Tom (and his co-workers - very romantic!) It was nice to get out of the office if only for a short while. And the fries with my lunch were fantastic! 

Click here to see my "hot" gift to Tom in 2013, and my chocolate-dipped pretzels from 2012.

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