May 3, 2014

Texas April 2014 - Warships and Waves

Okay, so last we left off, we were in San Antonio, on our way to Corpus Christi. We've never been there before - Tom pushed for it because he wanted some beach time. We stayed at the Radisson on the bay, right next to the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. The back steps of the hotel lead right down onto the sand - so perfect. Even though it was too cold to swim, it was still nice to walk along the water's edge.

The USS Lexington is a retired aircraft carrier that you can now tour. Tom was in heaven touring the engine room and the flight deck. I was more interested in things like the crew quarters and the different service areas - dentist, barber, mess hall, etc.

After the tour we headed down to Mustang Island State Park to check out the beach. Still too cold to go in the water, plus there were Portuguese man-o'-war all along the shore. Cool to look at, but I didn't want to swim with them.

It  got late in the day and we still had to head back to Houston. We had no plans for the next few days except to visit Galveston for an afternoon. I tend to overplan our vacations, so it was nice to just hang out by the pool and to do some shoe shopping.

In Galveston we wandered along the beach, toured in and out of the shops along The Strand, and then drove around some upscale neighbourhoods, taking pictures and dreaming of being able to afford one of them.

We stopped at a pet store to pick up some gifts for the pups, and met this little sweetie. Her name was Scout and she was up for adoption. She was a rescue dog and they thought she might be a chihuahua-dachshund mix. You could have her for $125, and that included spaying, microchipping, and her shots. Again, that darned airplane was keeping us from adding to the family. Unlike that little guy in San Antonio, this girl just wanted to be cuddled.

I felt a cold coming on our second to last day there, so the next morning we stayed at the hotel right until check out (I made Tom watch Pitch Perfect) and then we drove to a local park to read in the shade until it was time to check in for our flight home.

We had another terrific time in Texas. I think it's going to become a regular vacation spot for us.

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