Oct 16, 2014

A Little This, A Little That...

It's been a quiet week here at the Turtles and Tails homestead. We delivered the receiving blankets that I made for our neighbours' baby, and I got some quality baby-holding time.

Tom decided to get the garage ready for winter while I rearranged furniture inside the house, and made more of a mess, I think. Over the weekend we worked on a project that shouldn't have taken a weekend - one that I'm planning on sharing as soon as I take some daylight photos. If you follow me on Instagram (and you definitely should) you'll see a sneak peek.

I got my DIY on and installed trim around the windows in the basement. The windows are pretty small and plain, and I thought they needed something to beef them up a bit.

I used pre-primed trim and it just took a few simple cuts. I used the air nailer to attach the pieces, caulked the edges, puttied and sanded the holes, and gave it a coat of semi-gloss paint. Tom was away for the day and I managed to get it all done and cleaned up before he got back.

It's been two days and he still hasn't noticed the change. I'm not surprised though - I painted the spare room one weekend when he was out of town and after a month I finally had to point it out to him because he hadn't noticed.

The one thing that has kept us endlessly entertained is the enormous flock of geese in the field behind our house.

There are a couple of large puddles back there and, like clockwork, the geese arrive every morning just before 8 to hang out and make noise. The grasses near the fence are long, and occasionally the birds will wander over to grab whatever grains they can find. These birds are huge. It's kind of alarming when you see them all close by, just staring at the house. What are they plotting?

But I know they won't be around much longer - the call to head south will come soon enough - so we have to enjoy them while it lasts.

It's the weekend again and we don't have any big plans. It's going to be cool, but dry, so maybe we'll drag the dogs to the regional forest to wander the trails and enjoy the leaves.

And just to end on a goofy note, this is what I came upon while getting ready for work this morning:

All I can ask is: Why, Chloe, why?

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