Jul 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

It's been a crazy, busy couple of weeks - how about a little catch up while I get to finishing some meatier posts?

Our sweet Chloepants had surgery on her eyelid and foot last week. This is just a few hours after she got home. Look how sweet Sasha is, trying to comfort her. She wouldn't relax until she could be close.

Chloe was a sad and sleepy (10 year old) puppy that day, but bounced back pretty quickly. I call this one Little Bo Peep. She looks a little evil with that shaved patch though. Eeeevilllll...

One more week with the cone of shame and her stitches come out! We're looking forward to not being covered in bruises from being rammed with the thing. :-)


It's cherry season - my favourite time of year. Even though they're super-expensive, I still treat myself to some Rainier cherries - at least once or twice. Tom doesn't really like them, so they're all mine.


We saw Lady Antebellum at the Avalon Theatre in Niagara Falls this week. It was a great concert - only 1500 seats, so small and up-close-&-personal. Everyone in the audience sang along - the band even did some songs from other artists. One security guard looked a bit panicked trying to follow Charles Kelley as he wandered through the audience shaking hands and hugging people during the encore. :-)


We ordered a custom-built dining room table set a couple of months ago and it was delivered on the weekend. This is the first time we've ever purchased an "investment piece". I was so stressed over making sure it was something we would like for many (MANY) years to come. But it was fun picking out the base, top, finish, chairs, fabric - everything was changeable so that it's exactly what you want. We did change our minds on the base and the chairs between the first quote and when we ordered it. I'm so glad we did - this suits us perfectly.

We chose the rustic X base with a breadboard top in wormy maple. The chairs are curved Shaker style, and the finish is "coffee bean". It has two leaves as well (you can see them in the back of the photo wrapped in pillowcases) that will extend it to 8 feet. The furniture is made by Mennonites in our area as well - keeping it local!


I had the BEST chicken burger of my life at St. Louis Bar & Grill. Coated in wing sauce, with smoked bacon, onion straws, cheese, and garlic dill sauce. Absolutely amazing - and enough for two meals!

So there you go, my life in pictures. Food and dogs and music. Yeah, that about describes it. Have a great weekend and I'll try to have a DIY post up soon - Tom's written one on his escapades with the downspouts and I want to show off the cool gate that we designed and built.

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