Jul 19, 2017

Installing New Windows

There are more renovation goings-on at the Turtles and Tails compound this week. This time we're all about windows.

picture window replacement before after Lifestyle Oasis

Most of our windows are original to the house (1988-ish) and are in bad need of replacement. The main picture window in the living room is a double-paned thermal, but over time the seal has deteriorated and there were always condensation or streaks visible. No matter how much you cleaned it, it still looked dirty. I don't have a closeup photo of the before, but our windows at my office have the same problem:

double paned thermal window broken seal

When we were at the Newmarket Home Show this spring we spoke with a local company - Lifestyle Oasis - that had some window styles we liked. We requested a quote and it was only slightly more expensive than having the window replaced by the big box store, and we were able to customize it a bit.

Because our picture window opening is so large, having a single pane with no sliders at the bottom would have been considered a commercial window and would have cost much, much more. One pane had been our original choice, but we wisely went the economical route and chose the same style as before. The only difference is that there are only three panes at the bottom instead of four, with no (unnecessary) split in the middle.

I was at work when the windows were installed so Tom documented the installation for me, like the good blogger husband that he is.

picture window replacement

picture window replacement

The work went really quickly - I think they were finished both windows by mid-afternoon. The picture window included full framing - you may remember my complaints about the window framing and trim work when we reframed the master bedroom window. All of the upstairs windows have the same style stool - angled, uneven, and badly painted.

The picture window stool is now flat, all one level, and factory finished.

picture window replacement Lifestyle Oasis

They even installed new casing on the inside and caulked all of the seams. (Love these guys!)

picture window replacement

picture window replacement

We also had them install the basement window that is directly below the main one. Tom was going to do it himself, but after installing the rain grate and re-doing the brickwork on the front walkway, he determined that he probably didn't have the time or energy and to just leave it to the professionals. He did rebuild the frame though.

basement window replacement

The basement window jamb/stool is unfinished on the inside as we are still framing the walls at that end, but it is now completely sealed - no more leaks when it rains! The window has three panes with two sliders - that lift and pivot inwards when you need to clean them (the upstairs sliders pivot as well).

basement window replacement

picture window replacement sliders pivot Lifestyle Oasis

Last summer Tom installed the other two front basement windows as they were smaller and an easy fix. These ones also hadn't been insulated/sealed properly (you could see through to the outside between the frame and the wall!) so again we had leaks when it rained.

Before installing the new windows he built plywood "boxes" around them that are equal in depth to the thickness of the wall plus the framing. That way, once the room is drywalled and painted, the window openings will be all ready to trim out.

basement window replacement

basement window replacement framing

Having these beautiful new windows has really made a difference in our attitude towards the house. When we bought it we were excited about tackling a fixer-upper, but after a while you start to get bogged down mentally with the amount of work that still needs to be done. Especially when it's something (like the foggy windows) that you feel like everyone notices. It's uplifting to take a big step forward in having a house you are proud to show off.

picture window replacement Lifestyle Oasis

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