Dec 29, 2011

75% Off? Don't Mind if I Do.

I managed to get in a little bit of post-Christmas clearance shopping today and I wasn't even looking.  I was at the grocery store and all of the Christmas decorations were 75% off. 

How do you say no to that?
Tom says it's easy to say no to that. 

Good thing he wasn't there.

First I found these shatterproof ornaments.  12 balls for 94 cents. 
Regularly $4 and $5.  I scooped up 4 of those.

I love that there are so many different patterns and textures. 

Then I found some snowball ornaments.  14 for $1.44. 

 Ahhhhh, the fluffy! I just want to pet them.

And finally some little glitter ornaments in different shapes
for $1.44 - 24 in a pack.

Look at all that shiny just waiting to spread the love.
And the glitter apparently.

So not bad, right?  All this for $6.64.

Can you guess what colour scheme I'm going with next year?



Tom said...

Happy Birthday!!!
From Tom,Sasha and Chloepants.

Linda Braden said...

Just found you through Rooster and Hen and just love your writing style!  So fun, funny, and clever ... You have a new fan!

Hope you can stop by:

BarbSteadman said...

Aww, thank you!

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