Nov 27, 2011

40-Acre Couch

It was a big day here on Saturday. 
We bought a sectional for the basement to replace the one
that just wasn't big enough for two people and two big dogs. 

Our old couch is about seven years old.
It was the perfect fit - at the time. 
We only had one dog and she didn't always want to be on the couch anyway.
But these two.  Bi-i-i-i-ig snugglers. 

And they sprawl. 
Plus Chloe hates when Sasha is touching her. 
It's a whole thing with her.

We've been looking for a new couch for quite a while
but couldn't find exactly what we wanted
 - U-shaped, deep cushions, low rounded arms, not leather -
for a price we were willing to pay. 

But then, a few weeks ago we wandered into Leon's and the salesman
told us about a 20% off friends and family sale they were having the next week.
If we put a deposit down that day we could have the sale price.
So we jumped.  Without looking around.
In our defense, we did spend the following week comparing prices
at other stores but nothing came close. 
So it was all good!
Here is the old one.  Pretty exciting, right?

Those aren't stains on the cushions, just the way the nap is laying.
And the walls aren't pink, it's just a bad picture.

We moved out the old couch the night before
to measure the space for the new one.  
And got a little scared.  It was going to take up most of the room.
128 inches wide.  99 inches long.
Here's hoping we're wrong.

8:45am Saturday morning. The delivery truck is here!

Excellent delivery guys. 
They even moved the old couch out to the garage for us. 

And look! The couch fits! 

Check out the chaise. 
There are going to be fights over that spot. 

This is, "Here's what I want to do with the room"
- and, "Please don't take my picture." 

I know the walls, carpet, and couch are all
the same colour (that's an area rug in the picture above).
But that's going to change. Soon
We've been waiting to find a couch before we decided the colour
for the walls and a new area rug. I can hardly wait.

Looks like everyone is pretty happy with the new seating situation. 

And someone doesn't want to leave. 

Not even if you ask. 


Noooooo! I don't wanna go!

How cute is this?

I think we have a winner. :-)


AuntJudyCrafts said...

LOL love it - We have 3 large dogs and 2 are big snugglers, they also like to sprawl out and tend to try to push us off the couch (and bed if we're not careful!)

BarbSteadman said...


BarbSteadman said...

Yep, we end up with tiny corners of the bed too. :-)

DowntheLanewithdaisy said...

Nice couch... And family

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