Feb 25, 2013

Personalized Artwork

I received the most wonderful gift this weekend. The husband of a woman I used to work with is an artist, and he drew this picture of Sasha & Chloe after seeing a photo on Facebook.

This is the photo he based it on. They're showing off their super-serious faces because they think there's the chance they might get a jelly bean or two:

Didn't he do a great job? He used coloured pencils, and it took over 20 hours to do. His wife told me that it goes on in layers and takes many hours of concentration at a time.

I love the little quirks he captured - like Sasha's Hitler moustache and Chloe's gorgeous eyeliner. Since Sasha has a picture hanging over her food bowl, do you think Chloe would like this one over hers?

Have you ever had a portrait done of a family member (or pet)? We also have a painting of our previous house that was based on a photo taken from an airplane. We love looking at it and remembering all that land we used to have!


Darby Fleming Hawley said...

OMG love those cutie-pa-tooties!!!!! This portrait is amazing! I need to get some of my pups just like it!

BarbSteadman said...

Thanks, Darby! I do love my little brats!

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