Feb 14, 2013

Valentine's Day for Him

I borrowed an idea from Rebecca and made Tom a little snacky gift for Valentine's Day. Nothing extravagant here, just something fun (and shouldn't Valentine's Day be all about the fun?)

I bought a package of jalapeno-flavoured peanuts at the grocery store, wrapped a ribbon around them, and attached a little note. I also added a red plastic heart-shaped ring that came on the top of my cupcake the other night. I'm pretty sure I licked all the icing off first.

I hid the package in his sock drawer so he would find it first-thing this morning. I was still snuggled in asleep with the dogs when he found it and came over to thank me. I think I scratched him behind the ear in response.

I have no idea what we're doing to celebrate this year. 
I'd be happy with Chinese food and TV-watching.  

And another cupcake of course.

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