Mar 31, 2013

Bunny in a Jar

I made a little Easter gift for Tom on the weekend. Nothing outrageous, just something to say, "thinking of you". I saw this idea on a link party this week, but I forgot to pin it, so I don't know who it belongs to. Whoever you are, thank you and take a little bow.

Super simple, you just need a mason jar, some ribbon, and a chocolate bunny that fits in the jar. I emphasis that because the first one I bought was too wide. I tried to shave some chocolate off of his feet - the widest part - but he broke in half. A little temper tantrum followed. (I had fallen off of the stool into the closet trying to get the mason jar so I was already annoyed.) That was my only bunny so the gift idea went out the window. But I had to go out later to get more paint brushes so I picked up another (skinnier) one.

You just add ribbon (or easter grass) to the bottom of the jar, put in your bunny, drop a few chocolate eggs around him, and close the jar. You can then add a ribbon to the outside to fancy it up if you want. The only spring-like ribbon I had on hand was some light green with silver dots. It works though, don't you think?

I like 'im. Sweet and sparkly. And pretty tasty too.

How was your Easter?


I'm linking up here this week!


Barb said...

That is so cute I love it!!!

Barb said...

Thanks, Miriam!

Barb said...

Very cute and very thoughtful. Yay you. Thanks for linking up.

Barb said...

Thank you!

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