Mar 20, 2013

On Target

Big, big happenings here in Canada this week. After opening three pilot stores two weeks ago, Target had 17 more "soft openings" yesterday.  And one was in my neighbourhood.  (Please excuse the blurry photos - I was using my crappy non-iPhone.)

Those of you in the U.S. probably don't know what a big deal Target is for us here in Canada. It is THE store Canadians flock to when we go south. The name is spoken with reverence. For me it's not necessarily the lower prices, it's moreso the different selection than we have back home. Brands you've never seen before. Flavours you've never tried before. Fun colours and patterns. That's what I love.

So of course we had to check it out. I was surprised that the store wasn't a lot more crowded. When I was younger, Kmart opened a store in my hometown and the lineups were crazy. I remember we stood in the checkout line for over an hour (maybe two) until my mother said forget it and we left (leaving behind the jumbo bag of popcorn that we had already gotten into. Don't tell, okay?)

They're still building up their stock, so some of the racks were empty, but it was nice to have a new, clean store to wander around in. The prices weren't any different than you'd find at Walmart or Zellers (Target bought most of the old Zellers locations) but there were some new-to-me brands.

The housewares and furniture are always the best places to look. I saw this occasional chair that I would love to have - matches nothing in my house - and I considered this pouff that was in the outdoor section. The fabric is waterproof and the pattern is so much fun. They were both more than I was willing to pay today though so I kept moving.

I did buy this sweet little yarn-wrapped hippo. Seriously, have you ever? I love him so much. I might even name him.

And I bought a pillow. Just a standard one for the bedroom. Oh, and Tom decided he needed licorice. That was about it. I do hope they add the dollar bins at the front of the store, and I'm looking forward to seeing the store when it's fully stocked, but for now my curiosity is satisfied.

What do you love most about Target?

1 comment:

Barb said...

Oh, I love just about everything there, except for the women's section. The clothes are too trendy and not for us older mamas...I was just there yesterday, perusing the clearance sections. And the Dollar Spot is great - hope yours gets one!

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