May 27, 2013

Houston or Bust!

Hey, everyone! (or should I practice my y'alls?)

We're heading down to Houston, Texas next week for some fun in the sun. Apparently spring/summer got lost on its way to Canada so we're going looking for it.

We're going to be staying in Kemah, but travelling around to Galveston, Port Aransas, and San Antonio hopefully. We always overschedule ourselves (I'll take the blame for that) and misjudge how long it takes to get anywhere.

So who has recommendations for us? Things to do, places to eat, must-see sights? We love to be outdoors - I swear the last time we went to Hawaii we spent the whole week hiking - but we're also going to hit up the outlet malls.

The above picture kills me. There's not a chance my husband would look that happy while shopping. Not even at a sporting goods store. Maybe an ice cream shop - he definitely looks this happy when he's eating ice cream.


Barb said...

We go to Port A every year and are originally from Galveston. I haven't been to Galveston in SA I recommend going to mi Tierra for breakfast or lunch. They are close to the market downtown, I think. Also, the zoo is always a good deal - I believe you can still pack in a picnic lunch. bring a cooler for ice water you can tote and your sunscreen as Texas is already starting to feel like summer! For Port A, check out the Beachcomber Motel - a block from the beach. Not fancy, but air conditioned, with clean towels and a kitchen. Some units overlook the Gulf. We love it!

Barb said...

Thank you! We were trying to figure out the best beach to go to without having to drive hours and hours.

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