May 22, 2013

Nautical Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

We really are in the homestretch now with this kitchen update. I am currently painting the last three cupboard doors every morning and evening (backs in the morning, fronts in the evening), and hopefully they can be hung by the middle of next week. I think we're going to leave the backsplash as is. With the wall colour, the white cabinets, and the dark countertop, the yellow isn't all that bad. It just needs a really good scrubbing. It has a plaster texture and grime collects in the grooves if you don't keep on top of it (and we don't).

We have most of the hardware on now. So much nicer than using a piece of painters tape as a pull! After thinking we would have to head to Lee Valley to find something nice, we stumbled on handles and cup pulls at Target of all places.

The cup pulls are for the drawers and the handles are for the cabinet doors. They both have a brushed nickel finish with just a slight sheen. Nothing ostentatious, just hardworking dudes. I know the spacing between drawers is uneven; adjustments will happen eventually.

nickel plated cup pulls on white drawer

Tom used a hole guide from Lowe's to make sure the holes were evenly spaced and level every time. No way was I going to go through puttying and painting again.

nickel plated cup pulls on white drawer

The smaller drawers have one pull each, with the larger, longer drawers having two. We keep our pots and pans in these drawers so it's nice to be able to pull the drawer out evenly when it's so heavy.

nickel plated cup pulls on white drawer

The cabinet handles are called "nautical" on the packaging. I guess they are reminiscent of a boat cleat.

nickel plated nautical cabinet handle on white door

I like the raised detail at each end, and there is just a slight bend in the middle.

nickel plated nautical cabinet handle on white door

At first I thought I was going to want dark hardware - oil-rubbed bronze or something like that - but with the stainless steel appliances, these ones tie in much better. We're trying hard to make this windowless kitchen as light and bright as possible and the nickel just kicks it up one more notch.

I really can't wait to show off the whole thing. I thought this was only going to take a couple of months, but with changing our minds halfway through (and taking November & December off) it's been 8 long months.


Barb said...

Wait you used to different handles on your cabinets?

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