Jun 26, 2014

Bathroom Reno - Progress

The contractor has been here for three days and work is well underway on the bathroom renovation. If any of you have gone through this before, you know that the beginning is all prep work and not that pretty to look at.

Before he came in, the last step in getting ready was to build a niche in the back shower wall for shampoo and other necessities. Tom rerouted the vent pipe through the left-hand stud, cut the centre stud, and built a box in the middle. We originally thought we'd just install glass shelves at one end, but the contractor said it would be easy enough to add the niche.

shower without niche

shower with niche

The contractor spent the first day patching in drywall where Tom had moved the water pipes and installed a new fan - and patching up all the holes from hooks and towel bars. I did not expect that! I hate sanding drywall mud, so it'll be nice to move right to painting once the room is done. We haven't picked out a wall colour yet so we didn't ask the contractor to do the painting too. And I like painting, so don't take that away from me!

Here's the progression:

Day One
drywall patching

Day Two
shower backer board

Day Three
kerdi shower membrane

Amazing, right? J

He also had to move the shower drain three inches to accommodate the new drain pan. Three little inches!

moving shower drain

Tomorrow the contractor is mudding the kerdi membrane in the shower. It's slow going as he has to wait between coats of drywall mud. He estimates that he'll be ready to start tiling by next week.

Hopefully next time I'll have prettier pictures to show you.  But after nearly two years of talking about this, it's so, so exciting to see it actually happening.


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