May 24, 2012

Candy and Cookies

I revisited a couple of past projects this week.

One was the gumball machine-style candy dishes I posted about in the fall. Go here and here for a step-by-step tutorial. I had one glass bowl left over so I stopped by the dollar store to pick up a flower pot & some ribbon. The flower pots come in sets of two so now I have a pot left over. It never ends.

We are participating in a neighbourhood-wide garage sale on Saturday and I thought I could offer this one along with the black one I made before.

I went with yellow paint this time because it was so cheery and the baby blue ribbon is also sweet. And I found some Dubble Bubble gum in colours to match. I'm really loving this one. I won't be sad if no one buys it.

The black one is filled with individual caramels. I think the blue ribbon lightens it up from the burgundy ribbon that I had attached before. Doesn't it look like a little man with a top hat and bow tie?

The second project was Oreo Dirt Cake for people at my office. They are shutting down our location in less than 2 weeks so I thought we all needed a treat. This is such a simple recipe - it takes less than an hour to make and can be eaten right away. Here is the list of ingredients and directions from the last time I made it.

Don't they look good?  I'm trying very hard not to eat them all myself.


Chelsea Art Designs said...

Hi Barb....lovely post!!!those candies look yummy...trying not to dribble! thanks for joining under 300 blog hop. hope to see you soon. new follower.

Joanne Mudd said...

Thanks for the yummy treat this week Barb!  I loved it.
Next week back to my healthy eating, I have a girls weekend in a few weeks and I dread shorts and bathing suits.


BarbSteadman said...

Glad you liked it!

Don't worry about the weekend - they're there to see you, they don't care about the rest!

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