May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap and Giveaway Winner!

I can't say that I got a lot done this weekend.  The weather was beautiful 
and I couldn't stop laying around in the hammock or on the bench on the deck.

I finished painting the bathroom vanity and reattached the doors, 
but Tom has now decided that he'd like to replace the I have no pictures.

I sewed two more pillows for the deck furniture...but I have no pictures.

We laid sod down in the backyard to cover the mud pit 
the dogs won't stop digging in...but I have no pictures.

I found an old pallet by the side of the road on Saturday, 
dragged it home and took it apart to make a sign.  
Right now it's just a pile of I have no pictures.

And I started working on a gift for my mother-in-law, 
but since she sometimes reads this blog...I'm not posting pictures.

I did run 10km on Sunday, but you don't want to see a picture of that. 
I'm sure it looks something like this:

via pinterest


However, I did choose a winner of the $30 Fashion to Figure Giveaway!  
Using, the entry chosen was #4 - Carolyn Stamper!  
Carolyn said, if she could, she would choose the Knot-Front Maxi Dress, 
and I have to agree that it would be wonderfully light and breezy for summer.

Congratulations Carolyn and thank you to everyone who entered!

I'd also like to thank Fashion to Figure for generously sponsoring this giveaway!


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