May 31, 2012

Hurry Up Weekend!

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by, and I've only posted once. Shame on me. Can I blame it on work? We now have to complete month end in 3 days (it used to be 6) and I am the only one in the accounting department full-time. Add to it that our office is moving to another town 45 minutes away - this weekend. I have been packing and sorting and labelling for the last two weeks. I get home at night and just collapse.

I haven't been running in over two weeks. I don't remember the last time we grocery shopped. My PVR is filling up with season finales that I may get around to sometime next month.

We are working on a cool carpentry project (at least we think it's cool), but I'm doing the staining and poly-ing very slowly because I want this one to look amazing. So it may be next week before I'm ready to show it to you.

If I can just make it through to tomorrow night. Because this is where I'll be spending my weekend:

Tom's employer is holding their (postponed) Christmas party at Blue Mountain Resort on Saturday night and they are paying for us to stay there as well. We are going up on Friday night so that Tom can bike the trails with his friends on Saturday morning.  

Have you ever been to Collingwood (the nearest town) or Blue Mountain?  They are both so beautiful. Blue Mountain is mainly a ski resort but I like it more in the summer. The mountain stays open with cross-country and downhill biking and hiking trails. They also have an outdoor rock-climbing area as well as a beach.

Photos of The Grand Georgian - Blue Mountain Resort, Blue Mountains

I'm looking forward to time in the pool and the hot tub,

Photos of Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains

And hopefully, if it doesn't rain too much, some time in the square listening to a concert.

Photos of Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains

I'll have my own pictures to share on Monday!


Claudine Souza said...

Wooowww... beautiful!!!!
Enjoy your weekend, Barb!!!

BarbSteadman said...

Thank you!

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