Jul 11, 2012

Error! Error!

Arrrrghhhh! Something happened when I added a new link party button today and now all of my links from Wednesday to Sunday are gone! Well, the code is still there but the images won't show up. All of my < & > symbols have been replaced with semicolons, so I can't even do a simple find & replace.

Now I'm spending every free minute copying & pasting the button codes back into the page. So much fun! Thank goodness the html code is still there so I know where to find them! Do you see how much I love you - that I'm willing to find you all over again?

Because of that I won't have time to post something new today, so I'll just leave you with new pictures of my two favourite subjects.

Miss Pees-on-the-Carpet-Because-She's-Suddenly-Afraid-of-the-Grass

Miss Lays-Infront-of-the-Fan-All-Day-Like-a-Queen 
(and wags her tail when the other dog gets yelled at)

Have a great Wednesday!

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