Jul 26, 2012

Guinea Pig Games - Going for Gold

I know you'll probably want to throw things at me when you read this, but I'm not a big follower of the Olympics. I'll catch an event here and there, and I'll read recaps on the internet, but that's about the extent of my interest. I don't even own a sweatshirt commemorating the Olympics being held in my own country in 2010. Call me unpatriotic, I can take it.

However, I could be talked into buying one of these calendars. And I'm allergic to guinea pigs so that's saying a lot.

The Guinea Pig Games - Going for Gold calendar was created by Maverick Arts Publishing and was created using a combination of real guinea pig models and digital shenanigans. The guinea pigs were borrowed from Palace Piggies Rescue centre, and Maverick Arts provided them with a donation in exchange for their help. Paul Cocken is the image creator and retoucher.

The pictures are so sweet! Guinea pigs always look so shocked at what they're seeing. Like my grandma when my aunt accidentally rented Eddie Murphy's Raw for her.

 Let me show you a few of my favourites.
(all images from



Rhythmic Gymnastics

Synchronized Diving

Long Distance Running

Are you excited about the Olympics? What are your favourite events to watch? Will you watch them live no matter what time they air? Do you collect memorabilia?


The Witch's Kitchen said...

Ha! I love this version of the Olympics a lot better too.  Now those I would sign up to see!

Joanne said...

Love this calendar, I don't have a Vancouver t-shirt or sweatshirt Barb.
I'm not a big fan of Summer Olympics, I prefer the Winter ones.
There are too many professional athletes in the games now ... that's just wrong!

BarbSteadman said...

I feel the same way Joanne, leave the Olympics to the up-and-comers!

BarbSteadman said...

I know!

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