Jul 4, 2012

Going Out of Business

As you may or may not know, Target is coming to Canada in 2013. (Happy Dance!) They are taking over most of the Zellers locations, including the one closest to my house. Because of this transition, Zellers is selling off everything in their stores, furniture and fixtures included, and most items are 10-30% off. I'm sure the discounts will get deeper as the closing date nears, but for now I thought I'd take a wander through and see what they had. (Tom should have known better than to tell me they sell paint.) I'm not a shopaholic by any means, but I do have a very hard time passing up a closing out sale.

I ended up saving about 20% on my purchases all together. Take a gander at some of my finds.

I bought this woven basket to hold the pillow and blankets for the hammock when it's not in use and folded up. The basket is about 18" x 14" x 9" deep. A pretty substantial size. We're always dragging the pillows in and out so it'll be good to have a permanent place for everything.

Of course I had to check out the paint. They mostly have spray paint, with only a few cans of regular paint along the bottom shelf. The selection wasn't huge but I did pick up some more primer - they only had grey - and a can of suede paint in navy blue. Someone had test-sprayed the blue paint so it was already marked down to $1.99. I ended up getting it for $1.19. Best deal of the day.

I also bought a smaller woven basket that matches the first one, to keep the odds and ends on my desk in one place. It's 12" x 8" x 6.5" deep. The shelves in my craft room are filled with boxes and containers, all neatly labelled of course, but there is always a pile of stuff that doesn't go together and is too small to be boxed by itself. Like post-it notes, and lip balm, and an extra computer mouse. You know, important things. Now I can toss them all in the basket and it'll look pretty on my desk.

Did you know that Snyder's makes Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper flavoured pretzels? I did not. That is my favourite chip flavour so you know I had to get some. Not good since I'm gearing up to start a Whole30 program in the next week, but I guess they'll still be waiting for me afterwards. It could happen.

I also bought this leather belt. I bought it because Tom is tired of me borrowing his "good" one all the time. But I only did that because I didn't have one. It's called sharing. But he'd better not even look at my salt & pepper pretzels. Sharing only goes so far.

And I bought ribbon. Of course I bought ribbon. I think I have a ribbon addiction. As I look at the picture below I notice that all of the colours go together. The striped grosgrain even contains most of the other colours. A happy accident.

I also bought some other things - mascara and socks - but they're not so interesting to look at. I'll probably go back again in a couple of months to see what other bargains I can find, or maybe I'll hit up the other Zellers stores in my town (there are at least two more).

What's the best bargain you've found at a closing-out sale? I always wonder about the fixtures - have you ever bought any?


Ashley Taylor said...

I wonder if the Zellers in Barrie will be turning into a Target...I haven't noticed any signs, but then again I don't drive past very often.

I may have to pop by after work today! haha. I had no idea that Zellers sold paint.

BarbSteadman said...

Hi Ashley,
I looked it up and they haven't announced when the Zellers in Barrie will switch (some are also becoming Walmarts), but the one in Orillia will be among the first Targets to open. Hope you find some deals!

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