Apr 12, 2013

Doors? Check!

The boys doors are back in town. That's right folks, we found Blum dowels!

You have no idea how exciting this is. We couldn't put the hinges back on the doors and the doors back on the cabinets without them. Can you believe something so small caused so much trouble? There is nothing stopping us from getting these kitchen cabinets painted and back together now. Other than time, space,...and general laziness.

Tom stopped in at a local cabinetmaker one day this week and the guy gave him a box of dowels for $20. There has to be well over 200 in there.

So right away, that very night, we got the doors back on the pantry. I'm practically bouncing up and down, I'm so happy.

Aren't they lovely? Am I imagining it or does the space look larger? I think the white makes the space look larger. And cleaner. I didn't notice it before, but I think that hunter green colour looked dingy. It definitely made the kitchen look darker. And with only a window in the dining area, it doesn't need any help looking dark.

Here is a reminder of the before:

And the after:

Now all we have to do is pick out hardware. Right now I have to stand on my tiptoes to open the doors from the top. This is my go-to hardware guy:

I'm thinking simple cup pulls for the drawers,

Check out these fancy ones. Not really our style though.

And how fun are these?

Maybe these handles for the doors...

I like these too.

But this set might have everything I need, cup pulls and handles.

I have such a hard time deciding. Especially when I'm there and can see them all in person. It's like being in a candy store. Really it's more fun than a candy store. Yes, the way to my heart is through hardware.

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