Apr 10, 2013

Take a Seat

I bought a chair. There I said it. Aren't you glad you know now?

But this chair, ahhhh this chair. She's a beauty. Of course it's a she - just look at that cushy seat.

Buying this chair is a big step for me. My family and friends are probably shocked - Barb bought furniture with a pattern on it? Is she okay?

I love this chair more every day. I got so excited when I saw it. Truth be told, I went to the store to buy a grey and white chair for the bedroom (yeah, that sounds more like me) - something like this one, although in an adult size -

but came home with the blue one instead. I kept hovering around it, waiting for a salesperson to show up to carry it to the front for me. I was so afraid someone else would see it and want to buy it, and then I'd have to throw myself on it like it was a grenade.

My craft room is tiny tiny so I had to do some rearranging to work the chair in while still keeping the room functional. I decided to set up a computer area under the shelves, and a sewing/Silhouette area under the ribbon/paper holder. Yes, that is a stability ball. It hurts my back to sit in a straight chair for too long so I sit on the ball. Plus it works your core, so I can say I'm exercising...even if I am only playing on Pinterest.

No, the room isn't usually this tidy. Well, it goes back and forth from this tidy to a complete disaster - no happy medium.

I even attempted a panoramic shot. My first one. A little uneven but not a bad first try. Too bad we couldn't get some sunlight up in this here place. Hello, Mother Nature, are you there?

But back to the chair. The pattern is made up of turquoise, green, brown, yellow, and off white shades. Those are a lot of different colours to work with. This chair is the reason I painted the yellow diamonds on the table. I also painted a bookcase with turquoise trim, but it looks just awful so there is no way I'm showing it off. The footstool has brown and off white - I guess I'll have to find a way to incorporate some turquoise into it. Maybe I can find a new ribbon for the trim.

I can't wait to curl up under the throw and get caught up on my magazine reading. It's funny, when I bought the chair it sat in the living room for a couple of days (and looks amazing there by the way), and I thought "Wow, that's a bright chair!" But now that it's been in this room for a week or so I can't imagine it not being there. Perfect fit.


Barb said...

Great chair! And I absolutely love this room!!!

Barb said...

Thanks, Darby!

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