Apr 30, 2013

The Post About Nothing

What do you write when you have nothing to write about? 

Do I just wait for inspiration and risk the chance that people stop checking in? I think if I post one more picture of my half-finished kitchen (painting the base cabinets this week by the way!) you'll all revolt and only my cousin will be reading this blog.

We're kind of hanging in limbo here - we don't want to start a big indoor project until the kitchen is done, but  Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time letting springtime happen in the Great White North. We did uncover the patio furniture, but then it's rained for the last two days so there's been no chance to clean it up.

I could post pictures of my dogs - I'm teaching the little one to balance cookies on her paws. Not easy for a dog with impulse control issues.

Sasha dog balancing cookies on paws

Sasha dog balancing cookies on paws

How about this gorgeous picture of the sugar snap peas, blackberries, and raspberries I had for a snack today? I love the colour contrast.

berries and sugar snap peas

I'm going to snag some of those berries and make blackberry cheesecake streusel muffins this weekend. I stumbled on a recipe that I've been dying to make. For once I have all of the ingredients in the house at the same time.

Do you ever hit a decorating/DIY/writing wall? How do you overcome it? Do you force yourself into action or just let it ride?

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