Oct 2, 2012

4 Things I Learned Yesterday....

1. When you sand green stain off of wood, 
the sawdust that sticks to your nose hairs will also be green.

2. No matter how well you put a paint can lid back on,
 if the can falls from a 2 foot height onto tile, the lid WILL come off.

3. Steel wool ROCKS at getting white paint out of grey-brown tile grout. 

4. I am allergic to steel wool.


Joanne Mudd said...

Hmmm, based on that post I don't think I'll email asking how your vacation is going. How come you didn't take a photo of the green saw dust sticking to your nose hairs? Oh and what did the dogs do when the paint can fell?

I hope today was much better.


BarbSteadman said...

I'm sick of sanding already!

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