Oct 3, 2012

Kitchen Renovation - Days 1 & 2

Well, I guess I should've actually started with Day Zero.  

This was our kitchen before:

Nothing terrible, but nothing to write home about either. It didn't take long to get sick of the green, yellow, & orange. Fast forward 3 years, to January, when we painted the whole main floor. (I hated it but lived with it for 3 long years.)

Here we have the during photo:

Love the wall colour, hate that the cupboards (and the backsplash) don't match now.

Sunday afternoon I had Tom take down all of the upper cupboard doors. We practiced our counting in Spanish as we numbered them. Is it sad that we had to Google what comes after "ocho"? Gotta start hanging out with our Spanish neighbour more often.

Here's an awesome keepin'-it-real shot of the cupboards with no doors. I guess I can take this opportunity to straighten up and purge, right?

Apparently I have a dedicated vase and champagne glass cupboard. Who knew? 
I bet that door hasn't been opened in months.

I was also able to get rid of the cow hook that's been hanging above the stove since we moved in. Goodbye Missus Cow - I'm sorry, but I'm not going to miss you.

The plan is to sand the green stain off all of the cupboards and drawers - upper and lower plus the pantry - and then re-stain them a dark brown. I did take some time viewing the "painting with gel stain" craze that is so popular right now, but I think that's just too dark for me. I want more of the wood grain to show through. Not to mention, I think that only works when you're starting with a honey oak colour.

Here is my test strip. The divided areas from left to right show TSP, hand sanding with a sponge sanding block, then power sanding + stain. The lighter brown area is my experiment with steel wool and apple cider vinegar. It was in the running, but I couldn't get a consistent colour so I didn't want to chance it. The final area is just the board sanded bare.

I'm pretty happy with the colour it's going to be. I'm going to go with my fave stain - Rustoleum's Jacobean.

You can see that the cupboards needed work regardless. They've been there for 13 years and the stain just wasn't holding up. We're also going to replace the knobs with handles.

So it's off to the garage to sand. I sacrificed a week of my vacation time to do this. But I'm not complaining - this is much better than getting up at 6am and commuting an hour each way. Plus I get to spend the day in my jammies.

Day One was all about the power sanding. I managed to get about 6 doors done. I started with the smallest doors so that I felt like I'd accomplished more. Don't take this little victory away from me.

Today was back to sanding again. I stopped power sanding at one point to hand sand the routered edges, just to see how long it would take. It turns out it takes about 45-60 minutes. I can't wait to do that 25 more times.

Day three is going to be more of the same I fear. I've started to think I need to upgrade to an orbital sander. My little Black & Decker 1/4 sheet sander, as much as I love him, just isn't keeping up. 

Speaking of Black & Decker, have you seen this guy?

It's the new 4 volt Gyro Screwdriver. I am so in love. It just went on the market yesterday, but it's been on my wish list for weeks. Anyone bought one yet?


Sandra said...

Wow, when I think of the work it took for me to just wash, lightly sand and paint our cabinet doors and your actually sanding down to the bare wood, I must say my hat is off to you and it is so going to be worth it.
I can't wait to see the end result!


Sandra said...

Oh forgot, thanks for the tip on the restaurant! We're just around the corner from Newmarket and actually just this weekend some friends told us that there are a couple of amazing authentic Mexican restaurants in Bradford as well.

Anonymous said...

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Alana Rascoe said...

Great idea with the color! I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out. Sanding the paint off the wooden cabinet doors is easy, but it requires technique. Once you see the grain of the wood furniture, switch to medium grit sandpaper. Also, use protective goggles and a face mask during the sanding.

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